The Work of a Small Boy

Sean got a Chuggington catalog at National Train Day on his birthday. For a long time, he had never seen the show or played with any toys but he knows that catalog front and back. I took him to a kid matinee at the Studio Movie Grill to see Chuggington: Ready to Rescue and he loved it. I didn’t really like it because it was super chaotic, loud, and a little too old for him in terms of plot. The catalog is definitely more his speed.

He is super serious about observing things. He got to go to a baseball game with his dad, Uncle Sean, and Brendan on July 4th weekend, which he still talks about daily. Apparently he sat in his seat the whole time, and I guess absorbed much baseball information. He was “playing baseball” with a cup on one hand and a railroad track in the other one day (I think a bat and glove). We took him to a Frisco RoughRiders game a couple of weeks ago with Ryan’s work, and while he watched two players warming up, throwing a ball back and forth, he would yell “Catch it!!” when they threw it and “Yaaayyy!” when they caught it. It was pretty hilarious.


There are moments when two kids feels like two too many… but most of the time, I wonder how I got by without them for so long. I wonder what Sean and I did all day without Avyn to look after and play with. I wonder what Avyn and I would do without Sean to show us all of the ways to try to injure yourself and scare your mother. I wonder what I did before I had a helper to push my baby’s stroller, and how I ever entertained Sean as a baby without big kid toys.