Sean speaks

Sean is at the age where pretty much everything he says is funny and/or sweet. Some recent gems:

When I told him not to get in Avyn’s crib to play with the mobile – “It’s fine Mommy” in a tone of oh don’t worry Mom

“Robot lamp!” – about his newest construction

“Take a walk — ?” – fill in the blank with any number of fun locations

“Oh nooooo! Happened!” – about anything big or small that might have happened

“Strawberry pancakes ready.” or sandwich, muffin, lunch, eggs, basically anything I have to make (but said at any time, to tell me that’s what he’d like me to make)

“Too heavy!” – when he tried to pick up his car seat while Ryan was moving the seats

I bought a box of cereal as a special July 4th daddy is on vacation treat. Sean really liked it. Two weeks later…
Ryan – “What do you want for breakfast?”
Sean – “Cereal”
Ryan – “How about eggs? You need some protein.”
Sean, with a big grin – “No eggs, cereal!”

We practice shaking hands and saying “Nice to meet you!” when you meet someone. He never really said it until the other day when we had a new sitter and as she was leaving he said with a sweet little grin “Meet you!”. Love.

Me – “Sean are you ok? Do you have issues?”
Sean – “Not issues, have some water shoes!”

The sweetest one lately is “Thank you Mommy!” which he says all the time lately. We didn’t teach him to say thank you, we just said it when he handed us something or did something for us. I wondered if he would pick it up that he’s supposed to say it, or if he would think we were the only ones who said thank you. But no, he’s got it down. So much so that he says it all the time. He pushed a little kids cart around BuyBuyBaby the other day and at the checkout, as she handed me my receipt, before we said anything, he told her “Thank you, bye!” and pushed his cart back to the front.

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