Sweet girl


Avyn learned to blow through her lips the other day… you can see that her brother is very distracting to her in her practicing. But, she loves seeing what he’s doing and tries to participate when she can. She’s still a mama’s girl, and she gives hugs and kisses when I pick her up, which is so sweet. She has signed Mama and milk with intention, and was so happy when we responded correctly. She loves her daddy and brother, and if she can hear them at all she wants to abandon whatever is happening (nursing, changing, playing) to see what they are doing.

She is quite the little trooper, but still very opinionated. I took her to Austin by myself for a reception for a friend who was moving overseas. We drove down in the afternoon and back after the reception the same day, so it was quite a journey. She did so well, and entertained herself in the backseat or slept the whole way. But, a couple of times she dropped her favorite rattle and she let out her “indignant” cry that stopped as soon as I dropped the rattle back in the seat.

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