Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Sean’s little boy locks, but Ryan was convinced that he was hot and sweaty under all of it. So, I buzzed it… first I cut Ryan’s hair and Sean watched, then the next day I “cut” the hair of multiple stuffed animals while they sat in the chair and wore the cape. Sean took a little bit of convincing when it was his turn but not too much. I do love his hair now, the look and the fact that it is less in his way.


Along with the big boy hair cut, he’s acting like a big boy in so many ways. His older cousin was over the other night, and after they ate Sean said “Let’s go Brendan!” and they ran into his room to play. His tone was very “hey the adults are in here let’s go play cars”. He talks in really long 10-15 word sentences, or stories, and even ordered his own water at dinner the other day when asked by the waiter, with no prompting from us. The waiter just wrote it down and then asked what I wanted, not even knowing that it was Sean’s first time to order on his own. It reminded me of when we were learning different languages, when we go to the point where we could have an interaction without someone knowing that we were practicing, where our language was accepted without comment and the appropriate thing happened. So fun!


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