Avyn Eats

… and eats and eats and eats and eats! Avyn has been sharing our meals for about a month and she loves them. She gets really agitated if we don’t offer her food when we are eating or snacking, and actually chews and swallows most of the food we give her. We put her and Sean next to each other for now, so she can see how he eats, and he can learn some sharing manners while she’s little enough to not cause him too much trouble. I love the way they influence each other. She likes his silverware, and I let her try some beans with on a pre-loaded spoon one day. She loved getting to eat like her big brother! Sean wasn’t a huge fan of plain avocado (loves guacamole, though), but when I gave it to Avyn all of a sudden he started requesting “appatado” at lunch. Love seeing them at the table together!








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