The Work of a Small Boy

Sean got a Chuggington catalog at National Train Day on his birthday. For a long time, he had never seen the show or played with any toys but he knows that catalog front and back. I took him to a kid matinee at the Studio Movie Grill to see Chuggington: Ready to Rescue and he loved it. I didn’t really like it because it was super chaotic, loud, and a little too old for him in terms of plot. The catalog is definitely more his speed.

He is super serious about observing things. He got to go to a baseball game with his dad, Uncle Sean, and Brendan on July 4th weekend, which he still talks about daily. Apparently he sat in his seat the whole time, and I guess absorbed much baseball information. He was “playing baseball” with a cup on one hand and a railroad track in the other one day (I think a bat and glove). We took him to a Frisco RoughRiders game a couple of weeks ago with Ryan’s work, and while he watched two players warming up, throwing a ball back and forth, he would yell “Catch it!!” when they threw it and “Yaaayyy!” when they caught it. It was pretty hilarious.

One thought on “The Work of a Small Boy

  1. Kathy May says:

    Sean is really blossoming into the world. He’s so excited about everything around him.

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