The 18th of May

May 18th has taken on an odd significance in my life. May 18th 2010 I started having some complications with my first pregnancy and we waited that day for a scan to tell us what the problem was. Unfortunately what we saw was a tiny, perfect 8.5 week old baby with no heartbeat, when it should have been 11 weeks old. That day I had to believe that God was taking care of our little baby, and that he would give us another. Later, when I was pregnant with Sean, we found out that his due date was May 18th 2011. That was a little spooky but also gave me hope that God was giving us a rainbow in Sean. A promise that the next May 18th would bring joy and not sorrow. Sean wasn’t born May 18th, he was born May 11th, but because of the events of the previous year, and because we had looked forward to May 18th for many months, it was still there in the back of my mind as a day of promise. Imagine our surprise when on May 18th 2012 we were again waiting for a baby… waiting to know if we were, in fact, expecting our next baby. That day we found that that we were. This baby is due in January so I’m not sure what May 18th 2013 has in store for us – hopefully not the news that we are expecting another baby! In any case, I think it’s likely that I will always remember May 18th in my heart as a day of hope and the promise of good things to come.

One thought on “The 18th of May

  1. Kathy says:

    Sweet, Sarah.

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