Serious business

I got a new mop that I just hadn’t opened yet before Sean discovered it. It still had the cardboard around the mop head so it slid easily across the carpet. Sean took full advantage of this.

He “mopped” the whole house, even our room. It took him about an hour. Not only was I impressed with his ability to get under the furniture, but also his single-mindedness.

Before discovering the mop, he used to like to sweep. But he only ever tried to sweep in the kitchen, like he saw me do. Now he wanted to try it on the carpet. Unfortunately that did not go as he had planned. I tried to explaining it to him, but, as I said, very single-minded.

Poor guy.

One thought on “Serious business

  1. Kathy says:

    Tell him Grandma has a “whole house” he can mop next time he comes over. LOL That is so cute watching him. He is so focused on getting the job done.

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