Avyn Jayne’s Birth Story

On Wednesday January 30th I took Sean to Gymboree music class and we walked around Whole Foods with him driving the race car shopping cart. After our nap, I did prenatal yoga and then we went outside for a walk. As soon as we got over to the duck pond, I felt a contraction, but brushed it off because I’d had several that week. This was about 4pm. By 4:30, I’d had three more, so I guessed they were happening every 7 minutes. I decided to call Ryan and tell him to bring home something for dinner, because I intended to stay outside as long as possible walking and enjoying the sunshine. Sean played in the leaves and I did walking lunges, continuing to have contractions, and we walked a couple of miles around the pond and around our apartment complex. Sean enjoyed looking at the buses and cars. We stayed downstairs until Ryan came home and then we all went up and had Chinese food. I had continued to have contractions at a steady pace but was feeling great. After Sean went down Ryan and I did some laundry, and I did light housework that I wanted to do before having a baby! Ryan had to wrap things up at work, sending emails and letting people know he would be out, and at about 8 I was ready to sit down so I sat on my birth ball and watched some Star Trek while timing contractions. I noticed that if I was walking around the contractions were close together (3 or 4 minutes apart) but lasted 30 seconds. When I sat on the ball, they were longer, around a minute, but about 5 minutes apart. When Ryan finished up his work, I was about ready for him to be focused on me! He heated up rice socks for my back and sat with me. I timed contractions until 9, to give my midwives an idea of what was happening, but stopped after that because they were on their way and it was pretty clear that baby was on her way, too. In the hour that I timed contractions, they steadily got longer and closer together. The midwives arrived around 10, and started getting out supplies. I wasn’t sure at that point how long it would be, because I felt great. The midwives wanted me to do some contractions lunging with my foot on a chair because baby was a little on the side. After a few contractions like that she was dead center and we decided to check my dilation. I was about a 6, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I was starting to get sleepy between contractions. I had been laboring upright for 6 hours, which I wanted to do, but now decided that resting would be good, even if it meant laying down. Ryan and I went to lie down on our bed and the contractions continue but it was indeed good to rest. At one point, I labored lying over the birth ball on the bed, which was also good. My water was accidentally broken during a check a couple of hours later, and the contractions picked up in intensity so I sat on my birth ball in the shower for a bit. During a contraction I knew that it was time to push, and I was quickly helped out of the shower and to the bed, where Avyn was born at 1:33am after 5 pushes. Ryan caught her, with help from the midwives since she had a hand up and they needed to maneuver her a little bit, and handed her up to me. She cried and cried and cried and didn’t want to feed right away, but after we bathed and everyone was all cozy she latched right on and fed like she’d been doing it her whole life. The midwives left us at 4am, and Ryan got some sleep while I just wound down and rested. Sean woke up at 7am, having slept all through the night, and so began our first day as a family of four!

2 thoughts on “Avyn Jayne’s Birth Story

  1. Kathy says:

    Beautiful story

  2. kathyO says:

    so sweet Sarah! congrats! Hoping my labor can go smoothly like yours. Avyn is precious.

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